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Domotic systems

Domotics Systems with wifi for mobile or tablet

Compatible system for iphone and Android that it allows to control from our mobile or tablet the following elements:

  • Control of curtains and awning.

  • Control of lights.

  • Control of the thermostat heating.

  • Control of chambers with infrared (connectivity wifi) (we will be able to visualize at all time what happens inside our housing, office, etc) with the possibility of programming safety notices that send to us a photography by e-mail of the person who has entered.

  • Sensors of movement.

  • From our application, with a very intuitive form, we can manage our house knowing at all time that movement they realize our blinds, awning, door of garage, etc.

  • We can create scenes that allow us to do that at the same time, for example, it's going up the awning, going down the roller blind of the room, etc.

  • We can create calendars with which we can control every day that movements have to do the elements connected to our home automation.

  • Any RTS engine Somfy we can connect it to our home automation.

  • Any mechanical engine (for switch) we it can change to RTS engine and connect with our home automation.

And the most important: All the installation without cables

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