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NEWS 2022

New products and technical solutions:

1).- New catalogue 1000 lines  with new fabrics in the shape of squares and with new ranges of fabrics with different finishes in more than 70 colors.

2).- New wood catalogue  with new colors, new woods (wood polywood 50mm; frassinette 35mm-50mm; bambu 50mm; finewood 50mm and frosted 50mm) and with some colors in 70mm slat.

3).- New blind Sun See  to be able to control the step of light of much more efficient form. Available in smooth, metalized and opaque colors.

4).- A new sistema integral allows to direct, raise and lower the blind with just one command. Strings pass through the clear wand (offering excellent design) and are out of sight (once the blind is down), thus the blind can be stopped from any angle.

5).- ISO 9001:2015: Again we have renovated the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015.

6).- New runners for vertical blind: They allow to change the hook of the runner that holds the slats without having to dismantle the head rail to extract the broken runner.

7).- New integral system with speed control: New integral system that allows to control at all time the speed of descent of the curtain.

8).- New system of Home automation for Iphone, Tablet and Android that it allows us to control from our mobile or tablet the heating, the curtains, the tents, the lights and to be able to control our house, office, place with chambers with night vision i with notice of presence by e-mail.

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