Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems via radio for mobile or tablet

Iphone and Android compatible system that allows to control from our mobile or tablet the following elements:

Easy and wireless installation, forget about annoying cables or days of installation.

Get total control of curtains and awnings comfortably and from anywhere.

Not only curtains and awnings but also lights can be controlled from anywhere and easily.

Control the temperature of your home as easily as possible and from anywhere in your home.

(Wifi connectivity) (we will be able to see at all times what happens inside our house, office, shop etc) with notices of presence.

Acquire motion sensors that will detect and act on motion in your home.

From our application, very intuitively, we can manage our house knowing at all times that movement are making our curtains, awnings, garage door, etc.

We can create scenarios that allow us to do, at the same time, for example, to raise the awning, lower the roller curtain of the room, etc.

We can create calendars with which we can control every day that movements have to make the elements connected to our home automation.

We can connect to our home automation any RTS engine

We can convert it to RTS and connect with our home automation.

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Home automation can make many of your home tasks easier, Contact us!

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